Thursday, May 29, 2014

Work In Progress - Family Recipe Scrapbook

So I've been wanting to create a family recipe scrapbook for many years. Mainly because I have an obsession with recipes and I also love the heritage that comes with old recipes. I've always been very close with my father's side of the family. The family joke is that "I am more wop than my father is". I cherish the fact that I have such a tight relationship with that side, and that I can stand up and say my best friend is my grandmother. Just love her. But then I sit back and think I was very blessed in knowing where I came from, and my family tree, where my two cousins have not been giving that opportunity. Due to circumstances they just weren't around our family, and me being the oldest, most of our "great" grandmothers/grandfathers passed away before they were even born. Also due to circumstances, I haven't seen them in 10+ years. I thought it would be a "grand gesture" to create a book, that shows them who their family was, what their family is.. To me recipes can do that. So this is just a work in progress, and I have only 1 started (have to make 3 books LOL) I hope to add pictures of our grandmothers, and all our "Greats" along with pictures of the three of us when we were kids. I also have our family tree... To help them know who created what recipe an how that person is related to them. :-) 

Salads / Breads


Main Dishes





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