Monday, October 7, 2013

Sheldon's Toy Chest

How do you keep a Cockatoo occupied? Fill a box full of wooden beads, fabric strips, scrap paper, peanuts, cashews, food, treats, foot toys... You name it!!! Sheldon is having an amazing time foraging through his new toy chest! He loves tearing up the paper and weaving the fabric through the paper. Its fun to watch him.. See his creation below, my DH thinks we should make them into Christmas Ornaments and sell them, they are one of a kind creations!!

 Sheldon's Creation:


  1. I noticed your post on SCS's Forest swap thread, and followed it to your blog because I saw the Cockatoo on your SCS photo. We have birds too, though teensy ones (two parrotlets). This is cute to see how you created a unique play chest for him and he did his own "crafts" with the items! LOL!

    1. Thanks for following me! Yeah I have two birds, a love bird named Pickles who is a pickle! Then I have Sheldon, my Goffins Cockatoo. Who loves his toy box. I fill it with scrap paper, some scrap fabric, pony beads attached to the fabric so he can't accidentally eat them, and then treats that he has to "find" along with wooden items or foot toys I buy at our local exotic pet store. He is one SPOILED little bird... But that is the they should be!! :-)